The American Sanctuary Association

Attention:  Directors of Animal Sanctuaries
              Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers
        Domestic Animal Shelters
The American Sanctuary Association (ASA) is a 501(c)(3), 
non-profit accrediting organization and international information 
center for domestic animal shelters, animal sanctuaries and wildlife 
rehabilitation organizations, inspired by the principles of the American 
Zoological Association. The ASA offers participating organizations 
the opportunity to be accredited by members of their own peer group. 
ASA members are also linked to an international information center that 
will provide up-to-date information relating to sanctuaries connected to 
our network. This network will also be able to help you by determining  
the availability of sanctuary facilities for animals who need placement. 
This is your opportunity to join a unique group of organizations dedicated 
to providing lifetime humane care for animals in need, and to help create 
a founding philosophy for all member organizations of the ASA.

This is a unique period in the history of the sanctuary movement. ASA 
seeks to expose "sanctuaries"  that claim to rescue animals but instead breed, 
sell, or exploit animals for commercial gain. We stand on the threshold of 
a new and compassionate humane era in which animal protection agencies 
are initiating legislation to limit or eliminate the importation of exotic animals 
to the United States. Individual states are enacting legislation that prohibits 
the acquisition and ownership of certain exotic animals by private individuals. 
The problems that we have known about for years are finally beginning to 
be recognized by those who have the power to initiate change. The ASA 
and its members will be a part of that change.

The contents of this website contain information about our Founding 
Philosophy, Policies, including Justification for Exemption, Sanctuary 
Accreditation Application and Responsibility and Liability Disclaimers. 
If you like what you see, you may apply for accreditation on this website. 
At the same time you may wish to submit your suggestions and comments 
regarding this endeavor. Your voice and opinions are vitally important to us, 
and will help us create an effective alliance of like-minded organizations.

We encourage you to submit your Sanctuary Accreditation Application now. 
If you feel that you need additional information, please contact us with 
your questions. We also want to know what you would like to see in an 
accrediting organization and international information center that we may 
not have covered  in this website.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Most sincerely,

Tippi Hedren
American Sanctuary Association