Colon Cleanse: The Top 4 Herbs For Your Cleansing

Cleansing your colon is particularly necessary if you want to get rid of the toxic wastes present in your large intestine. Bear in mind that the toxic waste is not just a waste you should get rid of lightly. This is brought by the fact that the toxic waste may cause you diseases and complications, which will boost the risks to your health.

In that case, you need to do the magic trick of correcting your digestive health in the realistic way. In other words, you have to learn what works best in order to correct the adverse effects of toxins and mucus plaque in your colon.

One of the most effective ways of cleansing your colon is choosing the right herbs. Herbal cleansers are found to be effective in giving you colon irrigation like you needed to. In order to provide you ideal herbs to try out, you can choose these four:

  • Senna or Cassia Senna Leaf

Cassia Senna LeafThis is among the most common herbal ingredients that you can find in the strongest laxatives and cleansing products on the market. It is stated that since this compound is strong, too much taking of the herb is not advised.

It is a necessary lower bowel formula. It is stated that this herb treats worms and parasites, such as tapeworms, pinworms, and even roundworms. Furthermore, it can give you protection from poor diet, bowel constipation, and poor body hygiene.

The herb is supported by clinical studies. It is proved to be an effective alternative for your colon cleansing options. It is even accepted by patients and is well tolerated.

Other experts even recommended that the pharmaceutical laxatives on the market must contain a high amount of senna.

  • Green Tea

This is a popular herb that has been on the list of colon cleansers for a long time. It comes from Camellia sinensis and is found to be very efficient in giving you antioxidant properties. Furthermore, the tea is found in high doses of vitamin C, which are helpful in flushing away the toxic wastes from your body.

  • Cascara Sagrada

This is another herb that has been used by American Indians before. It is an herbal solution that will provide you chemicals called anthraquinones, which are effective in peristalsis stimulation. The process is also the stimulant of bowel elimination through muscle movement.

It is a stimulant laxative that will provide you colon cleansing effects but after minimal use only. This is due to the fact that it is linked to hepatitis due to its anthracene glycoside.

  • Barberry Bark

It is said that this is a traditional bitter tonic that will give you a solution over your congested bowel. It is also an herb necessary to support the functions of your liver. The compound found it is, which is called berberine, is helpful in giving you protection over microbes and inflammation.

The above herbs are your must haves if you want to effectively cleanse your colon. But be reminded that in very herb you use, there are limitations to be followed.

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