Safe Over the Counter Diet Pills

Going on a diet is not as easy as it sounds. Most people would go the sports gym for exercise training. It sounds really tiring and at the end of a work-out, you already get tired and would rather want to sleep. Thus some people prefer to use diet pills in order to still feel energetic even after a day’s exercise.

Many of the diet pills can be bought over the counter. Since this is not recommended by the doctor, it is quite dangerous to buy this product without a prescription. To help you choose which product is the most effective and safe, below are the top diet pill products that will surely help you lose weight.


AlliOne of the most popular over the counter diet pill right now is the Alli. It is also considered to be the first product that has been approved by the FDA. However experts believe that despite its popularity, one cannot assure the quality and safety of this product. Many of those who have used this product have already complained of its side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, oily stools and uncontrollable bowel movement and leakage. But despite the mentioned side effects, still Alli is able to perform its promise in helping in weight loss very well. It is able the decrease 25% of the fats that is being absorbed by your body whenever you eat oily foods. This unabsorbed fat is then flushed out through your stools. However, if one is taking this product, it is still wise to do exercises and also control the food intake.

Hoodia 90

The function of Hoodia 90 as a diet pill is that it helps in the suppression of your appetite. This product is able to control the receptors in the human brain that is trained to control hunger and decrease appetite. Many users have already attested to this product’s quality but like many other diet pills, you still have to undergo exercise training and proper food intake to be able to maximally enjoy the benefits of this pill.


Another over the counter pill is Phenhermine that is also an appetite suppressant diet. Many buyers get to confuse this product with Phentermine which is a prescribed pill. You should take this pill at least an hour before eating your mills. By taking this for three times a day in a course of a month, this product will definitely help you lose weight.


Another diet pill product would Relacore. This product helps those people who are in a constant stress and according to experts, some people put on weight when they are in a constant stressful situation. What this product does is that it helps you lose weight whenever your stress state tries to put weight on you. It also does not have any negative effects as reported by its users. However despite the said promising effects, many of those who tried using this product did not find any effect on them.

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